Sunday 1 August 2021
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Beneficial experience of DIM

Beneficial experience of DIM

DIM is stealing the limelight in the recent times as a remarkable therapeutic for menstrual irregularity and pain, PCOS, effective loss of weight, skin problems and infertility issues. In some preliminary medical trials, DIM is marked efficient as a chemo-protective agent, especially estrogen linked carcinoma of breasts, uterine, prostrate and colorectal. Apart from being an anti-carcinogenic substance, DIM also behaves as an amazing antioxidant, anti-proliferative, anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic agent.

Working of DIM supplements:

DIM or di-indolylmethane is chemical compound that is released on the complete digestion of indole-3-carbinol (I3C) by acid catalysis. It works as an effective a dietary indole by aiding the moderate balance of hormonal secretion in both males and females. I3C can be obtained from cruciferous vegetables in abundance that will help to uplift the synthesis pathway of DIM eventually.

The most predominant way by which DIM works in the body is by bringing down the production rate of estrogen and its derivatives among persons having already high secretions of the hormone. Overstimulation of any hormone results in a variety of adverse effects and the same rule applies for estrogen production as well. Excessively high levels of estrogen can be threatening to both men and women, posing different types of negative effects. In women, high estrogen content can cause extremely painful menstrual cycles with frequent irregularities, sudden weight gain, whimsical mood, acne and abnormal bloating of the body.

Higher estrogen levels in men can lead to reverse hormonal effects resulting in feminine characteristics. Accumulation of fat tissues in the chest region of males, appearing as ‘man boobs’, is one of the most common results of elevated estrogen secretion known as Gynecomastia. Other serious negative impacts of high estrogen content include swollen testes, erratic attitude, emotional imbalance and loss of sexual drive. DIM combats all the adversities by regulating the estrogen production and promoting testosterone synthesis in men to boost mental and physical energy.

How to take DIM?

DIM is an effective phytonutrient that is gradually becoming popular in the bodybuilding and athletic forums because of its myriad positive impacts on human body. But when it comes to safe consumption of dietary supplements or medications, always consult and expert who will guide your dosage pattern according to resistance power and internal biological getup.

When the testosterone level goes down in men due to aging process, there are several physical discomforts that start appearing including loss of vitality, libido, poor physical strength and sterility. This is the time when you should start thinking about this miracle supplement that will help you overcome the necessary negativities.

A possible safe measure of DIM consumption has been noted to be 300mg taken per day. The duration of exposure to the drug has been recommended to continue for not more than 3 months, with required intervals to check your tolerance. DIM shows anti-estrogenic reactions on 2-hydroxylation apart from regulating repair mechanisms for cancer cells.

While purchasing DIM supplements, care should be taken not to mix the drug with other diuretic medications that may decrease sodium concentration in the body. Di-indolylmethane is a dietary indole which has been legally approved by FDA for human consumption, but dosages should be carefully monitored in pregnant women and individuals suffering from any serious hormonal disorder.