Sunday 1 August 2021
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Elderly people’s tourism

Elderly people’s tourism

Elderly people have always been an important factor in overall foreign tourism, both in terms of arrivals and in terms of foreign exchange receipts. In recent years, the importance of third-age tourism is increasing, as there is a continuing trend in population concentration in the upper age brackets worldwide.

The first step towards improving the tourist product provided to the elderly is to determine the age criteria. This improvement is important as it has a dual role. On the one hand, as mentioned above, it will be the basis for harmonizing and complying with private-sector entrepreneurship with the formal state framework. In this way, cooperation between state and private operators and businesses will be further strengthened.

The development of hotel services based on the standards and needs of elderly tourists should be central to the strategy of companies specializing in this segment of the tourism market. It can be realized in practice by defining the needs of the customers and the ways and methods of their satisfactory satisfaction. Steps: Construction of new specialized hotel units exclusively for the use of elderly tourists.

Time of traveling and staying

Elderly tourists consider travel time as an important factor that affects their interest in specific destinations. Of course, this is true of the majority of tourists in this age group, without excluding exclusions, the rate of which has been steadily rising in recent years worldwide. The overwhelming majority of senior citizens prefer to travel to tourist destinations that are relatively close to their place of residence.

This is due to: the health and / or reduced mobility problems that exist and increase with the age of physical, mental and mental fatigue accumulated in these individuals during their multi-year working life of preference for travel and activities; they do not burden them and suffer them to a significant extent.

Thus, taking these elements into account, tourist packages should be tailored accordingly. For example, it would be considered as a discomfort to the long-term transition to the tourist destination by airplane due to increased fatigue. However, if the same trip took place in a cruise, the tourists’ experience would be more enjoyable as they would enjoy more comfort and luxury at any time of their journey that would eventually lead them to a great Ayana Komodo resort in Indonesia, for example.

Setting individual preferences

However, it should be borne in mind that there is a certain number of elderly people who can look for adventure and for whom the duration of the journey plays no role whatsoever. The needs of this kind of tourists for longer travel can be identified through market research, which leads to a clearer segmentation. In this way, there will be greater precision in defining tourist preferences and needs, as small as possible demographic groups, and thus more efficient and more successful development of relevant tourism products and services.

Ensuring physical integrity

Fear of accidents and other situations that pose a risk to physical integrity plays an important role in the choices of older tourists. The proven high level of security that can be enjoyed at a particular accommodation, destination, or even the whole country, as well as all the secondary activities to which they can participate during their stay, is certainly a factor determining their tourist choices, preferences and markets.