Tuesday 28 September 2021
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For A Clean Personal Carrier That Takes You Places: ProGo3000 Scooter

For A Clean Personal Carrier That Takes You Places: ProGo3000 Scooter

Sooner or later, we would all get to appreciate the development of vehicles with a clean source of fuel. For now, we can all say thanks to a Los Angeles-based company (ProGo) for offering us a propane-powered scooter with a slick design. This vehicle is called the ProGo 3000 scooter, which is made weighing only about 35 pounds, and can go as far as 40 miles at a speed of 20 mph on a single canister of propane. Visit the PropaneScooters website for a more detailed review and characteristics of the ProGo 3000.

The fact that the ProGo 3000 runs on propane makes it one of the approved vehicles that do not harm the ecosystem while operated. And this means you can safely take it indoor and to other places in which the traditional gasoline carriers are not allowed.

Some features of the ProGo 3000 propane powered scooter

Even with the light weight of the scooter (35 pounds), it can comfortably carry additional loads of about 200 pounds. This vehicle with a 25 cc four-stroke engine can be purchased for about $300-400. It has rear and fore disc brakes that guarantees safety while bringing it to a halt. The replaceable propane canister can hold 16.4 oz. of gas that can last a run distance up to 64 km on a single charge. With a maximum speed of 20 mph, you can run two to three hours straight on a single container of 16.4 oz. propane.

Problems of the electric and gasoline scooters that you eliminate with ProGo 3000

  • The long waiting time that one experiences when charging an electric scooter for about 6 to 8 hours is eliminated when using a propane-powered scooter.
  • Not that the 45 minutes of riding time that electric scooters give is that bad; but who would rather take those long breaks just to recharge a scooter instead of getting a longer ride time and quick canister change with the ProGo 3000?
  • For the electric scooters, having more powers means getting more batteries. However, aside from the batteries costing some extra cash, another problem is that you can’t carry that much battery around because of the weight and storage space. With the ProGo 3000, you don’t need any of these.
  • You no longer have to suffer from the ban of gasoline scooters in many places because of its foul emissions to the environment, the propane-powered scooter is EPA and CARB approved making it suitable for use both indoor and outdoor all over.
  • You can forget about draining the tank due to carburetor gumming.
  • The smell of gas that occurs with gasoline carriers is no longer a thing to worry about.
  • You can now easily get a gas station to refill your propane tank, unlike the discomfort that users experience when they run out of gasoline or power using the gas or electric scooters.

 All in all, the ProGo 3000 represents a slick personal carrier that is strong, stylish, and comfortable and eliminates most of the problems that might occur from the use of traditional gasoline and electric scooters.