Tuesday 28 September 2021
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Growth hormone and deficiency signals

Growth hormone and deficiency signals

Growth hormones are necessary for the development of the human body. These hormones are generally abbreviated as GH in the medical world .They are naturally produced in the body but due to a various reasons the production of this hormone can be reduced leading to terrific health issues . Growth hormones are devoted to the job of helping our body to grow it not only helps the body to grow height wise , it also helps in controlling the function of various organs in our body . Growth hormones are usually synthesized and produced by the pituitary glands and the hypothalamus. The anterior and posterior lobes of the hypothalamus are responsible for the secretion of these hormones. It has a multifunctional use and hence, the deficiency of this hormone can lead to several malfunctions in your body. If the production of this hormone gets reduced you will find the signs of under production of GH in your body.


Signals that you should take care of

Lower levels of Growth hormones in your body can lead to severe medical conditions. The decreased level of growth hormones can be due to several reasons the major of them being certain injuries in the pituitary or the hypothalamus gland which renders it incapable to bind itself to the receptors in the body. The signals that you should be aware of are

  • Reduced height which leads to a stunt growth and dwarfism.
  • However increased levels of growth hormones can result in gigantism and acromegaly .Gigantism is a rare case syndrome but acromegaly can be easily diagnosed in adults .Acromegaly can be caused by the presence of a tumor in the pituitary gland that takes several years to develop.

Symptoms of acromegaly constitutes of

  • Swelling of the soft tissues.
  • Abnormalities in the jaw structure.
  • Extreme overgrowth
  • Cardiovascular diseases.

To handle the sings of under production of GH and to cure it you can take the growth hormone supplements that are widely available in the market. GH is produced in the market by applying the DNA technology. The hormones are administered to the under developed children through injections. However several countries have declared a ban on the use of these injections owing to the side effects they might cause to the health of the child. In certain countries these injections are allowed only when it is prescribed by a doctor and are not available over the counter. On the presentation of the medical prescription these injections can be bought from a medical store. It is always advisable that you take the help and advice of a doctor when you seem to spot such symptoms in your body or in the body of your close one. You should be aware that in the market these growth hormones are sold by the name of enhancers in an illegal way. They are said to be natural and are inexpensive but are very unhealthy for use. You should keep yourself away from falling into these traps and hurting your future well being.