Tuesday 28 September 2021
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Is Phentermine Safe? Or Is it Additive & Bad for You?

Is Phentermine Safe? Or Is it Additive & Bad for You?

Its belong to the Phenethylamine class of Psycho stimulant drugs. This drug is defined as the appetite suppressant.  This is also come with many warning, side effect and contradictions also. [1] Let’s take a deep dive into the study of this drug

Is it safe for weight loss?

It is basically weight loss supplement. It designed for short term usage which is called exogenous obesity. In medical condition when excessive fat from your body accumulated is called exogenous obesity. Some negative impact of this drug it may be diabetes, and cardiac issues, high cholesterol level, hypertensions etc.

How its work?

It’s basically stimulating the Hypothalamus gland which present in brain. This gland responsible for stimulate various hormone in body and also release the Neurotransmitter to precede various function of body. It also responsible for the sensation of appetite in body. Body autonomic nervous system also controlled by Hypothalamus it can be your body temperature, Hunger, Sleep, Thirst etc. This drug stimulates the Hypothalamus and release the Neurotransmitter which will decrease the sensation of appetite in body.

Is it controlled substance?

In every prescription drugs have some code or number stamped over the drug box. For instance 30mg of Phentermine Hydrochloride come in capsule form and with imprint code. It also comes in 8mg tablet with 30mg strength with red and yellow in colour. One dosage commonly used is 37.5mg come in brown, red, black and yellow capsules. It’s also comes in many brands but prescription only brands are-

  • Adipex
  • Phen 37.5mg
  • Qsymia
  • Generic phen

Without prescription also available

  • Phen cap
  • Phen drink
  • Phen vites

You can use from different option always try to follow your doctor or pharmacist prescription.

Is it safe in use?

It’s not designed as long term weight loss but it’s useful in short term weight loss. It is not recommended to use more than three months. Adipex-P designed for very short term use only for 3weeks. It useful n calories reduction and also help to change eating habits.

Dosage amount also depend upon the individual age, health factors and potential to take risk. You can say lowest effective dose provide you adequate result.

Precautions and warning related to drugs:

When it will combine with other medication like Fenfluramine or Dexfenfluramine which is used in weight loss. If it will used alone its safe in use.

If individual taking any alcohol then it produce adverse effect.

If individual already have problem of high blood pressure and hypertension doctor not recommend using this drug.

If person is treatment of depression and taking MAO (monoamine oxidase inhibitors) should avoid using this drug.

In elder age avoid using because it increases the risk of cardiac and renal functions.

It is safe in use if it used and instructed with observation of any doctor or physician. Overall you can say a drug never is harming you if it consume within proper guidance and observation.