Sunday 1 August 2021
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Myths about Shower Pods and the Truth Behind Them

Myths about Shower Pods and the Truth Behind Them

When you have enough space at home for a shower pod, don’t hesitate to buy one. It will elevate the beauty of your bathroom, and make you feel more excited about showering. You might find false information though that might make you change your mind about buying a pod. You need to know the truth behind these myths to help you decide to buy the right shower pod.

Myth: Shower pods are expensive

Pods come in different sizes, shapes, and models. You can also find different opening styles. These factors affect the price of the shower pod. It does not mean you will spend a significant amount of money if you decide to buy one. Check the model first and the quality of the brand before you decide if the price is worth it.

Myth: You can install the pod yourself

It is not a good idea since you need to have a licensed general contractor and an electrician doing the job. There could be complicated parts you need to deal with to make it work. Some stores offer the product with free installation. If you don’t want to look elsewhere for someone to do the installation, check if the store provides free installation.

Myth: They make you feel claustrophobic

When you are in a small space, it will make you feel claustrophobic. However, shower pods are ideal if your goal is to have privacy. You won’t mind feeling like you are in a small space if it boosts your privacy when showering.

Myth: They are difficult to clean

There is no truth to this statement at all. Since you shower inside, the water will naturally clean the shower enclosure. However, if you want to ensure its cleanliness, you can use regular cleaning agents that can easily remove unwanted dirt. Regular cleaning also prevents the growth of algae.

Myth: They are easy to break

It depends on the quality of the shower pod that you buy. Sometimes, the sliding doors might not close or open easily. There are also times when the glass might have cracks. You can prevent this by choosing a high-quality shower pod. You can also ask someone to repair it if you notice a problem before it gets complicated.

Myth: You will have ventilation issues

When you are in a confined space, and you are showering with hot water, it might be difficult for you to breathe. Although it is partly true, you will get a recommendation about in which part of the bathroom it would be best to install the shower pod. You need to have it next to an extractor fan or window to maintain proper airflow.

Now that you understand the truth behind the use of shower pods, it is time to start looking for the perfect one to use for your bathroom. You might invest a massive amount now, but the presence of this shower enclosure could increase the value of your property, as well as having a better bathing experience.