Using phenq without exercise?

Using phenq without exercise?

Wouldn’t it be so nice that you take a pill and all your weight is lost? Well! It doesn’t work like that there is no magic pill that will do that. Weight is not an ice cube that it will melt away just like that. Weight is a compost of fat and cellulite which can only be burned away by exercising, increasing one’s metabolism, having a good diet, avoiding smoking, drinking etc. Regular exercise and good eating habits only make the difference and not just the pill.

The pill does help, in this case PhenQ tells the brain to curtail your hanger pangs and you would be eating a fraction of what you would be eating but still you would feel full. This is like tricking the brain.

PhenQ is an over the counter pill and it is sold without a prescription and basically legal in many countries. It is considered a health supplement. The use of PhenQ is very popular in tackling weight issues.

How it works

PhenQ not only suppresses hunger but it also boosts the energy in the body. It also helps in increasing the metabolism of the body thereby burning the fat down. To augment this we should workout and eat balanced meals.

Then only the pill would work. Just the consumption of the pill would really mean nothing. Unlike other Phen variations PhenQ has not been tested and we don’t have clinical proof of how much or to what extent the pill affects the body. We have to go by the testimonials and reviews of the persons who have consumed it and how it has affected them.

PhenQ contents

PhenQ is a prescription strength fat burner made out of the following which help in reducing weight.

Capsaicin powder is a combo of capsicum, niacin etc which actually helps to burn away fat in the body.

Calcium carbonate is to maintain the strength f the bone, as the food intake is decrease the bones may get brittle.

Chromium picolinate is present in most vegetables and fruits. This actually helps to control the sugar levels in the body. The dip in the sugar levels will cause food cravings.

Caffeine is a known stimulant, it not only activates the brain but it helps to burn the fat.

Nopal is a derivative of a cactus which is high in fibre content; this will prevent the person from getting hungry.

L-Cartinine Furmarate is naturally present amino acids that help in burning the fat in the body and convert it into energy.

The above ingredients are no different from what contains in your regular meals but in concentrated form to give you the maximum impact and help in the weight loss program.

The side effects compared to the real Phen are quite low and it is quite safe. The only problem that has been seen so far is the sleeplessness and the solution to this problem is to take it early during your waking hours.

All in all a healthy lifestyle and a good exercise regime put together will only show results the dedication to lose weight will help and phenQ will just be the motivation to do so.